Soltan Hajibeyov (1919-1974)

About Shusha

Soltan Hajibeyov entered the history of Azerbaijani music culture as a talented composer, pedagogue and music public figure.

S.Hajibeyov's creative face is distinguished by clarity, purity of his worldview, poetry. The composer is also known as a master of landscape painting in music. His music is dominated by bright national genre images.

Soltan Hajibeyov was born in 1919 in Shusha, our great cultural center. Folk music had a great influence on the development and formation of the future composer. Soltan Hajibeyov's creative path dates back to the late 1930s and early 1940s.

This period was of great importance in the development of Azerbaijani music culture.

The composer's first works were "Pioneer Cantata" for choir and symphony orchestra and the musical comedy "Golden Rose". In 1939, the composer entered the composition department of the Azerbaijan State Conservatory, in the class of Professor Zeidman.

In 1945, the Turkmen Opera and Ballet Theater commissioned S. Hajibeyov to write the opera "Kamina and Gazi". The symphonic part of this work is called "Caravan".

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