Shamsi Badalbeyli (1911-1987)

About Shusha

Well-known theater director Shamsi Badalbeyli was born in 1911 in Shusha in an intellectual family. His father Badal bey Badalbeyli and uncle Ahmad Agdamski (Badalbeyli) played a significant role in the revival of our national drama and music theater. Badal Bey is both a teacher and an actor, performing in operettas, operas and plays. After graduating from high school, he followed in his father's footsteps and studied at the Baku Pedagogical College.

Shamsi Badalbeyli, who played as an amateur actor as a student, entered the class of folk instruments of the Azerbaijan State Conservatory in 1927. When he was a student, he played the tar in the small orchestra of the National Drama Theater. Despite the age differences, young Shamsi had become friend with Jafar Jabbarli, Ismail Hidayatzade and director Alexander Tuganov. In 1932, as an assistant director, he participated in the preparation of several performances.

Taking into account his artistic abilities, the People's Commissariat of Education sent him to Moscow in 1933 to study and gain experience. His teachers were great artists Kote Marcanashvili and Alexey Popov. He worked as an assistant director on Friedrich Schiller's play "Don Carlos", which was prepared for performance at the Mali Theater in Moscow.

Shamsi Badalbeyli, who returned to Baku after graduation, was hired as a director of the Academic National Drama Theater and worked in this team until 1941. Later, Shamsi Badalbeyli, who worked at the Young Workers newspaper and also as a theater critic, was sent to Tabriz, Iran, as an employee of the Vatan Yolunda newspaper.

Shamsi Badalbeyli's performances were characterized by colorful charm, colorful form solution, sensitive musical sense, and ensemble of actors.

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