Khan Shushinsky (1901-1979)

About Shusha

Khan Shushinsky was born on August 20, 1901 in Shusha. When he was 16 years old, his teacher named him "Khan Shushinsky" because he sang "Kurd-Shahnaz" mugam in an amazing way. Jabbar Qaryagdioglu and Seyid Shushinsky also had a great influence on the Khan's upbringing as a singer.

In the 1920s, Khan Shushinsky came to Baku and expanded his performing activities. Along with "Mahur-Hindi", "Bayati-Gajar", "Qatar" instruments, "Karabakh shikestasi", "Arazbari", "Heyrati" percussion mugams, folk songs and classifications took a big place in the Khan's repertoire. Khan Shushinsky sang folk songs with special enthusiasm, instilling new shades in them.

In 1934, Khan Shushinsky was awarded the first prize at the first Transcaucasian Art Olympiad in Tbilisi. He also represented the Azerbaijani music culture at a high level and with dignity in other countries.

In 1960, he established the "Mugam Studio" under the auspices of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic, where he taught young singers the secrets of mugam.

He also taught at the Azerbaijan State Music School and created a new generation of mugam singers. As a true creative artist, Khan enriched the national music treasury with new songs. From this point of view, his songs "Gamarim", "Shusha's mountains" were memorized. Khan Shushinsky also addressed the composer's songs in his work. In this sense, he was the first singer of Uzeyir Hajibeyov's song "Black Eye" and sang it with great pleasure.

Khan Shushinsky died on March 18, 1979. He was buried in the Second Alley of Honors.

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