Gasim bay Zakir (1784-1857)

About Shusha

Gasim bay Zakir was born in 1784 in the city of Shusha. He is a descendant of the famous ruling Javanshirs dynasty of Karabakh. The most ruthless critics in Zakir's satire are those who violate the rights of the weak and powerless.

He wrote on various topics: "Prince and Person", "Prince, lover and young lover", "Cooking of the lover", "About the lover and the lover", "Zovci-ahar", "Tarlan and the messenger", "The man who lost his camel". There are verse stories such as "The Girl with the Dervish", "The Shameless Dervish", "The Immoral Gazi".

In Zakir's stories, love is described as a sublime and noble human feeling. The importance of Zakir's representations in realist creativity is exceptional.

"Lion, Wolf and Jackal", "Camel and Donkey", "Fox and Wolf", "About treacherous comrades", "Snake, Camel, Turtle", "Fox and Lion", "About Loyal Friends" are few to mention. He died in Shusha in 1857 and was buried in the city's Mirza Hasan cemetery.

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