Shusha fortress

About Shusha

The fortress, built by Panahali khan for defensive purposes, was built in an inaccessible and even besieged place in the Shusha lowland. The fortress was surrounded by dense forests on all sides and ended in ravines in some parts, which was considered an impassable barrier by the enemy. Poet Molla Panah Vagif also supervised the construction of Shusha fortress.

The repair and restoration work of the fortress and the continuation of its construction took many years.

After the death of Panahali khan, during the reign of his son Ibrahimkhalil khan and even after the annexation of the khanate to the Russian Empire, the construction and strengthening of the fortress continued.

After the Qajar marches, the condition of the fortress worsened and needed to be rebuilt. In the 19th century, the appearance of the castle was changed and new defensive towers were added. The fortress had three main gates - Ganja, Yerevan and Agoghlan gates. Some sources even mention that it is the fourth gate of the castle, but there is no exact information about its location and name.

The construction of the Ganja Gate dates back to the reign of Panahali Khan and since the 18th century it has been called the Ganja or Chilabord Gate. This gate connected Shusha with Ganja city and Chilabord district of Karabakh khanate. After Ganja was united with the Russian Empire in 1805 and renamed Yelizavetpol, this gate was also called Yelizavetpol Gate. Compared to other doors, it is in a better condition today.

The Iravan or Khalfali Gate, located on the west side of the fortress, connected Shusha with the village of Khalfali and the city of Iravan. The difference from other gates was the reinforcement with two-tiered battle towers placed symmetrically on both sides.

The other gate on the east side of the fortress was Agoghlan Gate, also known as Mukhtar, Topkhana or Shushakend Gate. It connected the city of Shusha with the villages of Shushakend and Mukhtar and extended to Agoghlan Castle.

According to some sources, Shusha fortress has an inner fortress, ie a castle belonging to Panahali khan was built inside.

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