House of Asad Bey

XVIII century’s essential architectural monument. İnventory number: 343

Historical-architectural monument of the 18th century. The rooms on the first floor of the elongated rectangular house are divided into three groups. The living room has a huge lattice window placed along the entire facade. From both vestibules and corridors, doors open to the rooms around the hall. In addition to the large guest hall, there is also a second hall on the second floor of Asad Bey's house, which is slightly smaller and is located on the west side of the building. In addition to these two large halls, the second floor hosts 10 more rooms. During the Soviet era, a specialized children's sanatorium operated in this building for many years. Children were studying and staying here to get due treatment. After the occupation, this large palace complex was heavily destroyed, and the property of the complex was looted.

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