Constellation of the Gara Boyuk Khanim

XVIII century’s essential architectural monument. İnventory number: 339

"Gara Khanim" (Black Lady) castle. This castle or the inner fortress is one of the rare pearls of the military fortress architecture of Azerbaijan and classified as a nationally significant architectural monument of the 18th century. The book "Architecture of the city of Shusha" written by Elturan Avalov provides extensive information on this castle. According to the inscription on the castle gate, the construction started in 1768. In the reminiscences of Karabakh historian Mir Mehdi Khazani, it is shown that Panahalikhan built a "palace with a small fortress-like wall and towers" in the city of Shusha, and a "beautiful palace" for his eldest son Ibrahimkhalil Khan on a nearby hill. In 1865, the castle was depicted in a drawing by the Russian traveler and artist V. V. Vereshagin. Unfortunately, as a result of the Armenian invasion, most of the castle and the western constellation on the picture were destroyed.

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