Constellation of Ibrahim Khan

XVIII century’s essential architectural monument. İnventory number: 348

Jidir plain is in the southern, relatively even but the highest part of Shusha. The path on the edge of the Jidir plain leads to forty steps, Dashaltı gorge and Khan's cave. The cave was built in the second half of the 18th century on the steep rocks, across from natural and deep caves using fortification walls and towers. These caves, which are both natural and man-made defensive fortifications, were built for the purpose of both shelter and, to surrender the enemy who attacking from the valley and tried to besiege the city. These pathways were known only to the people of Shusha led to these caves on steep rocks. There were several such caves. Despite being neglected for many years, and destroyed during the occupation by the enemy in the name of searching for gold and jewelry left by the khan, these caves have survived to this day.

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