Shusha Fortress

XVIII century’s essential architectural monument. İnventory number: 337

It was founded in 1752 by Karabakh Khan Panahali Khan Javanshir I, who founded the Karabakh Khanate in 1752. Since the northern part of the plateau surrounding the Shusha is flat, many fragments of the Shusha fortress, which was built higher and stronger in this part, have survived to this day. The fortress had 3 gates. Two of them, the "Ganja" gate and the "Agoglan" gate, have survived to date. For many years, the fortress defended Shusha from the invaders attacks. In 1795, Agha Muhammad Shah Qajar, the king of the Qajar state, could not invade Shusha despite besieging the city for 1 month with an army of 80,000 people. Shusha Fortress has not lost its importance even today. Our soldiers, who liberated Shusha during the 44-day Patriotic War, later took refuge in the fortress while preventing the counterattack of the enemy. During the occupation of Shusha, the fortress was heavily damaged and neglected. After the liberation of the city, most of the damaged parts of the fortress were restored.

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