Ashagi Govhar Agha Mosque

XVIII century’s essential architectural monument. İnventory number: 345

As E. Avalov The presence of two Friday mosques in the city of Shusha is explained by E. Avalov with the functioning of two Islamic communities in the city. The mosque is first mentioned in Shusha's 1855 master plan together with the nearby madrasah. The city's second Friday mosque, the Lower Govhar Agha Mosque, is known as both the Lower Mosque and the Little Mosque. In 1874-1875, fundamental reconstruction works were carried out in the complex of the Lower Mosque as well as the Upper Mosque. As the construction of the new mosque was carried out by the architect Karbalai Safikhan Karabagi based on the financial support of Govhar Agha, the Lower Mosque was later known as the Lower Govhar Agha Mosque. The mosque was badly damaged during the occupation.

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