Hajigulu's mansion

XVIII century architectural monument of national importance. Inventory number: 341

The construction of the three-story palace-type house started in 1849 based on the order of Gulu Mahammadali Oglu, a merchant of the II guild. This property, known as Haji Gulu’s Palace, was awestruck by everyone in Shusha with its architectural style and color selection. The palace had 46 rooms and two large drawing rooms. The elongated rectangular plan of the house is notable for its staircase built along the partition wall and connecting the utility rooms on the first floor with the dining and living rooms on the second floor. The third floor of the house, built only for visitors, consists of a large hall and guest rooms located next to it. In 1992, the property of Haji Gulu was destroyed by artillery fire by the Armenian Armed Forces. Currently, some parts of the Palace walls remain.

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